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John Marshall

Associate Director

TSP Projects are a key supplier to the UK Defence and Security industries. We offer blast protective and blast containment structures manufactured from Bi-Steel, as well as performance-critical finished products, assemblies and components.  For companies wishing to enhance their perimeter security arrangements, Bi-Steel barriers, bollards, walls and gates can help protect them from hostile vehicle attack.

Our solutions include:

Defence & Security Brochure

Professional Institutions

Founder Member

The Perimeter Security Suppliers Association (PSSA) has introduced a verification scheme to provide confidence to perimeter systems buyers and others that products supplied by its members conform to internationally recognised quality standards, providing assurance that:

  • products are fit for purpose – designed to meet customer, market and regulatory requirements
  • products are consistently manufactured and supplied conforming to their agreed specification
  • products when in use produce the intended performance outcomes specified by the customer

As a founder member, we have been actively involved in the working group for CWA 16221, Vehicle security barriers – performance requirements, test methods and guidance on application.

TSP Projects Security Solutions

Professionally managed physical security

The Defence and Security team can provide complete turnkey project solutions and work in partnership with clients to deliver high quality, innovative and responsive solutions to meet individual requirements. Services range from security consultancy, design and engineering through to manufacturing, supply, installation and onsite project management.


Protective construction

Our blast protective solutions, incorporating our high-performance Bi-Steel steel/concrete composite material, range from single blast walls to complete blast protected structures. These are specified where new or existing structures need to have superior protection against criminal or explosive attack.

Perimeter security

Our Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) solutions deliver unrivalled protection from terrorist and criminal attack. The range includes permanent walls and bollards, with shallow foundations for rapid installation. Our re-deployable, surface mounted barriers, gates and pedestrian portals have been developed to meet changing security requirements, with an emphasis on flexibility, legacy and whole life value.

Permanent HVM

Tailored for maximum protection but with minimal aesthetic impact

When you consider where our Security products are used it is easy to see why, when designing our permanent Hostile Vehicle Mitigation systems, TSP Projects were conscious of not only the requirement for impact resistance but also the need to:

  • Ability to withstand secondary and repeat attacks
  • Integrity under blast conditions
  • Have ballistic resistance
  • Designed to blend into the surroundings if required
  • Easy and quick to install

It is TSP Projects’  ability to develop solutions to not only meet the impact resistant criteria but also these value added requirements and so respond to client’s needs that has set us aside as a leader in the Security market.

Furthermore, TSP Projects has developed the ultra-shallow foundation system and our BI-Steel foundation system for Cast Manganese bollards to overcome the traditional problems associated with bollard installation and these have been used on several challenging projects, notably on the Westminster Streetscape project.

Finally, our Permanent Walling Systems, which is used extensively around city centres, offers very high crash protection coupled with blast and ballistic resistance that few other providers can match.

Redeployable HVM

Systems can be deployed quickly with minimal disruption

Enhanced building stand-off protection to deter attack and reduce consequential loss, particularly from vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs) is increasingly specified for many vulnerable site perimeters. TSP Projects’ redeployable perimeter and stand-off protection solutions have been designed to deliver unrivalled protection for people and assets against VBIED attack and explosive blasts.


  • Unrivalled protection – against vehicular attack, unauthorised vehicle access and explosive blast
  • Flexible configurations – schemes can be designed to meet the needs of a wide range of site parameters
  • Rapid deployment – units are transported on flatbed trucks for quick and easy unloading
  • Security that blends with the environment – specific colour and traffic management options are available
  • Impact and blast effect mitigation – the containment of concrete within the Bi-Steel units prevents the formation of dangerous secondary projectiles.

Some of our solutions in place

Derby City Council - Permanent HVM

Royal Courts of Justice - Permanent HVM

Gleneagles - Redeployable HVM


We have new projects coming in all the time, so if you’d like to be a part of our team then we’d love to hear from you. Please visit our career page  to see what openings we currently have.

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