The foundations of project success

John Judge

Associate Director,
Head Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental

We work across a broad range of market sectors within the UK including the Energy and Power sector, Transportation (Rail & Highways Infrastructure) and the Nuclear sector. Our team understands the importance of addressing our client’s requirements and their construction risks.

Our core services include:

Our Services

We manage the process from concept to numerical modelling through to construction design and support

Associated facing works of NR Cutting

Earthworks and Slope Stability Compliance

There is a high level of risk attached to the construction and management of new and historic slopes. Slope failures are a safety critical issue and have the potential to result in serious injury or even death. They can also cause significant infrastructure damage and result in major delays during construction and disruption on operational sites.

We have considerable experience in the design and construction of new reservoir and highway slopes and earth bunds. We have also worked extensively with Network Rail on the management of historic slopes on their infrastructure. We offer the following design and construction support services:


  • Walkover assessments of historical slopes and slip features (including bio-engineering and influence of vegetation) to Network Rail standards
  • Slope stability design for existing slopes and compliance with Eurocode 7 and clients’ technical remit
  • Design and earthworks specification for re-grade solutions
  • Design and specification for gravity wall solutions (where boundary constraints exist)
  • Design and specification of soil nail / facing solutions

Deep Excavations and Earth Retaining Structures

Deep Excavation support or earth retaining wall structures are often required for larger construction projects or schemes within urban areas.

Deep excavations have significant risk in both temporary (during construction) and permanent conditions and also where construction below the water table is expected. We offer the following support services to de-risk your projects:


  • Economised secant and contiguous pile wall design through iterative design approaches
  • Diaphragm wall design
  • Sheet pile wall design (including driveability studies where required)
  • King post wall design
  • Reinforced concrete gravity wall design (gabions and reinforced earth structures)
  • Soil nail and sprayed concrete wall design options
  • Dewatering assessments and cut off studies to assess impact on water table and surrounding contaminant mobility
  • Detailed specification and monitoring studies
  • Temporary propping designs and impact on wall movements
  • Permanent and temporary ground anchor systems (both pre-stressed and passive systems) using bar or strand

Cardiff Energy from Waste: Bunker Secant Wall

Sundon Loop: Reinforced Concrete Retaining Wall Stabilisation of New and Existing Embankment

Shallow Foundation and Ground Improvement Design

Shallow Foundation and Ground Improvement Design can negate the need for piled solutions that are not only costly but also cause risk to protected aquifers and risk creating contaminated spoil.

The key to these solutions is accurate load and geophysical testing methods of ground stiffness on sites to give all parties confidence in load settlement predictions. We offer the following foundation and ground improvement design and construction support services:


  • Shallow foundation settlement analysis and site testing (including static and geophysical methods of stiffness evaluation)
  • Ground bearing slab design (including settlement profiles and structural analysis support)
  • Soil mixing techniques (column and mass stabilisation) within highly compressible soils
  • Vibro-stone columns, vibro-concrete columns including load transfer platform design
  • Surcharge loading and dynamic compaction of soils
  • Grouting works e.g. rock, fissure, permeation and compaction grouting
  • Trackbed and highway formation design including shallow soil mixing to minimise formation design thicknesses

Reinforced Concrete Bearing Pile and Micropile Underpiling Works

The key to this service is understanding the pile types, design performance and risks with regard to obstructions on the sites.

Our capabilities coupled with our strong links to the specialist piling industry allow us to optimise on the specific pile type and diameter for any site.

Our pile design and construction support is linked to a firm understanding of pile construction type, achievable loads (horizontal, compression and tension) in ground conditions expected and efficient pile group analysis.

Where piling is required for new build (or to underpin existing failing structures), we offer a design and construction support service:


  • Reinforced concrete CFA and Bored Pile Design
  • Detailing of static and dynamic testing methods to optimise design solutions (Eurocode 7 compliant)
  • Micropile design and construction methods to deal with problem ground and underpin structures
  • Pile group analysis optimising pile layout and performance
  • Design for laterally loaded piles (both free headed and with fixity)
  • Design of driven steel tubular systems (including driveability studies to assess installation risks)

Thorne: Micropile Underpinning for Historical Railway Bridge Support

Reading Electrification
Driven Pile Installation on Railway Site

Driven Steel Piling Solutions for the Railway Industry

As part of the organisations strong link to railway and electrification design, we offer a full design and construction support service for electrification structures.

These structures are unusual in that they are located on unstable embankments and support predominantly lateral loads with small vertical loading. We have been involved in design and construct solutions for a number of years and have a strong understanding of pile sizes and installation risks for all types of electrification equipment.

To support construction works, we offer the following services:

  • Targeted investigation and ground modelling to optimise risks and solutions
  • Side bearing concrete foundation design
  • Gravity pad foundation design (including stability and settlement analysis)
  • Steel tubular pile design in regard stability and pile head deflections
  • Driveability studies for tubular piles using vibrating and impact hammers
  • Assessment of slope instability on future foundation designs with joined up solutions
  • Construction support of pile installation

Ground Modelling and Geotechnical Risk Assessments

Good ground modelling is an essential part of the geotechnical design and foundation selection process. This is a combination of geological and engineering expertise of soil and rock types.

We use 3D ground modelling software which is linked to our BIM Strategy for structural works.

As part of the solution service, we offer a fully coordinated site investigation strategy and manage all physical works through our framework supply chain and strong links to the Geotechnical Contracting Industry.

Services offered include:

  • Detailed desk study assessments
  • Specification requirements for physical ground investigation works
  • Drilling services involving all techniques compliant with Eurocode standards
  • Geo-physical techniques to complement data acquisition
  • Soil & rock testing to assess design parameters
  • Factual & Interpretative Geo-technical Reports
  • Geo-technical Specifications and Specialist Contractor tender assessments and support
  • Construction support

King’s Cross Station: Contiguous Piled Wall Platform Approach

The foundations of project success

From concept to completion, here are just some of our recent projects.

Marsden loop line

Specified, procured and supervised ground investigation to Eurocode 7 and NR/SP/TRK/9039

Suffolk Energy from Waste Bunker

Detailed ground model for dry construction of 15m deep bunker

Sundon Up Loop Embankment

Geo-technical design of a 2250m long rail freight line

West Drayton Platform Extension

Concrete collar system design to increase lateral restraint

Oxford Energy from Waste Bunker

Detailed ground investigation for the 42.5m by 19m bunker

Reading Station Ground Investigation

Geo-technical foundation designs across 5km site

Peterborough Station Capacity Enhancements

Formation design to Network Rail Standards (NR /SP/TRK/9039 & NR/L2/TRK/2102)

We have new projects coming in all the time, so if you’d like to be a part of our team then we’d love to hear from you. Please visit our career page  to see what openings we currently have.

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