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John Lowe

Associate Director
Level Crossings

TSP Projects has a very experienced and dedicated level crossing design team with a comprehensive understanding of the design of all types of level crossing. Our in-house specialist team, which has a formidable reputation within the industry based on client feedback, has extensive experience gained from successfully delivering ground plans for numerous major schemes across the UK. These have included resignalling, route enhancement, and risk reduction schemes. Experience also extends to the design for one of two UK pilot radar-controlled level crossings schemes.

Our design services include:

Each Level Crossing design is, by its very nature, a multi-disciplinary design project in its own right. TSP Projects has a range of design teams that can supply all the required deliverables to ensure your level crossing project is a success:


  • Survey Team – undertake topographical surveys to form the basis of the level crossing design. It can also undertake drainage surveys, cable route correlation surveys as well as trial pits to de-risk the final layout.
  • Geo-Environmental Team – provide environmental and ecology surveys to assist the client in their pre-construction responsibilities.
  • Geotechnical Team – perform soil testing and provide construction advice.
  • Civils Team – provide foundation designs for level crossing equipment.
  • Highways Team – provide road layout designs and vertical profile assessments to ensure level crossings are suitable for traffic density usage.
  • Track Team – provide designs to suit installation of rail joints to comply with the Signalling design and Permanent Way standards.
  • Telecoms Team – provide the designs for the level crossing phone installations.
  • Mechanical & Electrical Team – provide the designs for level crossing power supplies and lighting calculations.
  • Transport Planning Team – model a particular scheme to simulate the effects to rail and road traffic, particularly barrier down time and vehicular ‘blocking back’.
  • Project Engineering Team – integrating the design activities across the various engineering disciplines.
  • TSP Projects’ Signalling partners can provide Signalling Scheme Plan design to suit any size of Project.

Our Services

We manage the process from concept and numerical modelling through to construction design and support
GNGE Route Enhancement Project

Cheal Road Level Crossing AFC Ground Plan

Level Crossing Ground Plans

All new or renewed public level crossings (with any significant signalling equipment) require a Level Crossing Ground Plan to specify engineering requirements and to support the Statutory Consultation process with the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) and other stakeholders.

TSP Project‘s in-house team are able to produce Ground Plans for each stage of design; from feasibility studies to assist with option selection, single option development to obtain Approval In Principle (AIP), and detailed design development to gain Approved for Construction (AFC) status. As-Built Ground Plans can be produced to record the commissioning arrangements, including submission to the Records custodian if required. TSP Projects has extensive knowledge and experience of the design process, including Statutory Consultation, and can supply specific drawing formats to assist with this process. The topographical survey, which forms the basis of the Ground Plan, can also be supplied in-house to TSP Projects’ specification. TSP Projects’ in-house team are flexible to our Clients needs; our deliverables can be tailored to align to the requirements of independent or heritage railways.

At each stage, the Ground Plan is complemented by a Design Log that records all major design decisions and influences. These issues are readily transferable to the Project Health and Safety File in order to satisfy TSP Projects’ obligations under the Construction, Design and Management Regulations (CDM) 2015 and Common Safety Method (CSM).

Level Crossing Orders

The Level Crossing Order (LCO), which is a legal document signed by the Secretary of State (or representative), defines the Signalling operating sequence for level crossings. It also details the requirements for the carriageway, footways, road markings and signage. These requirements must be maintained by the relevant stakeholders for the life of the crossing.

The TSP Projects in-house team has an exemplary knowledge of Draft LCO production, either as part of the Ground Plan design or as a standalone deliverable. Incorporating the production of the Draft LCO as part of the Ground Plan delivery, by the same consultant, facilitates de-risking of the scheme commissioning through the reduction of clerical errors when timescales are short and ‘boots are on the ground’.




Recent LCO clients:

  • GNGE Route Enhancement Project
  • North Lincolnshire Resignalling Scheme
Network Rail

Four Lane Ends Level Crossing
Risk Assessment

Level Crossing Risk Assessments

There are approximately 6,000 level crossings in the UK alone. They account for an estimated 9 percent of the total rail system safety risk, of which 95 percent is derived from user behaviour and interaction.

Level Crossing Risk Assessments are typically required during the ‘Feasibility’ or ‘Option Selection’ phase of a project. These studies assess the existing protection arrangements, how the crossings are used and identify any underlying risks to the user, maintainer and/or owner. Opportunities for closure, diversionary routes or upgraded level crossing protection are also identified. These opportunities can then be incorporated into Option Selection documents, defined in the Scope of Works or used to support budget estimation or Level Crossing Ground Plan production.




Census of Rail, Road and Pedestrian Users

TSP Projects can supply a comprehensive census of Rail, Road and Pedestrian Users to support key design decisions. Using TSP Projects’ in-house specification, the reports can be easily tailored to suit the unique nature of each level crossing; monitoring the usage of adjacent junctions and/or instances of ‘blocking back’ over the crossing can be critical in design development.




3D visualisation study

3D Design Capability and Visualisations

Utilising the latest 3D CAD software, TSP Projects can design level crossings that enhance the opportunity for design integration, assurance, and collaboration. We can use the 3D models to produce presentation quality renderings or animations to assist with the approvals process, Statutory Consultation process or presentations to stakeholders.





Automatic Speed Survey

TSP Projects can supply an Automatic Speed Survey to support key design decisions such as the placement and specification of highway signage and road markings. This supplementary design information is critical to ensure the proposed arrangements are suitable to each crossing’s unique environment.

Some recent projects

GNGE Alliance - Route Enhancement

Production of multiple AIP Ground Plans, adopting radar technology and supporting AFC Ground plans for all sites.




Network Rail - Sudforth Re-signalling Project

Multiple AIP designs developed meeting stakeholder and statutory requirements and consequently AFC designs were also delivered.




Babcock Rail - Four Lane Ends Level Crossing

Survey works and ground plans, through AIP and AFR stages, to deliver the 4 barrier design incorporating a widened carriageway and enhanced footway provision including new Obstacle Detection equipment.




About TSP Projects

TSP Projects is a multidisciplinary solutions business with extensive engineering capabilities and specialist technical expertise in the Rail, Aviation, Energy and Security sectors.

As an award-winning and thriving business, we work in partnership with our clients to develop and deliver high quality, innovative technical solutions for major infrastructure projects across the UK.

We employ highly experienced designers, engineers, architects, planners and project managers and we provide a full range of high quality services from consultancy, design and engineering to manufacture, installation and onsite project management.

All projects delivered and coordinated 100% in BIM.

Based in the UK, with our head office in York supported by three regional offices in Birmingham, Manchester and Reading, our consultancy business is made up of several engineering discipline teams that collaborate on projects to provide the right mix of technical excellence for your project needs.



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