By John Marshall

With more than 100,000 people estimated to have lined the route of the wedding procession and with Members of the Royal Family and Celebrity guests in attendance together with the eyes of the World watching on, security was of paramount importance.

The historic town of Windsor recently provided a fairy tale background to one of the biggest social events in recent years – the wedding of Prince Harry to Mehgan Markle.

Recent years have seen a marked increase in the use of vehicles in targeted attacks on soft targets around the world including the UK and Europe. With that in mind it was a source of pride that the TSP Projects range of Hostile Mitigation products that form a  part of the UK’s National Barrier Asset were once again called into action to  form a “ring of steel”  around the day’s events.

Deployed in advance of the big day by H2S2, the joint venture company that currently manages the NBA on behalf of the UK Home office, TSP Projects Swing Arm Gates, Drop Arm Gates, Wall Units and Barges were positioned in and around the narrow streets and main roads of the town.  Strategically located they enabled the Thames Valley Police to lock-down roads within seconds in order to prevent un-authorised vehicle access hence keeping the crowds safe and highlighting the versatility and dependability of the product range.

The TSP Projects HVM temporary range are tried and tested products, providing robust solutions when it really counts. With the increased use of vehicles as the weapon of choice, it is reassuring to know that TSP Projects HVM range carries with it some of the highest PAS ratings in the market place for temporary products.

The TSP Projects products can be installed quickly and efficiently using a small well trained team for short term or long term deployments making it the go to product for Police forces up and down the Country.

The TSP Projects HVM range can also be seen at other high profile locations across the UK including iconic locations in central  London such as Westminster, Tower bridge and Lord’s Cricket Ground and as far North as Edinburgh, in Scotland.

For those who are “serious about security” the TSP Projects HVM range has it all, including a number of permanent solutions which can be uniquely styled to fit in perfectly with their surroundings