As a leading solutions business, we provide a number of design and construction services in a variety of different market sectors.


TSP Projects is recognised as a leading railway infrastructure provider and has an influential role in the design and operation of the UK rail network being involved in national flagship projects such as: Trans Pennine Electrification, Reading Station Area Redevelopment , the East Coast Power Supply Upgrade and Oxford Corridor Capacity Improvements.

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TSP Projects has demonstrated its expertise in the planning, design and construction of several types of renewable energy facilities including energy from waste, wind power, biomass, solar and marine/tidal. We have designed and constructed some of the most advanced energy from waste plants in the UK including facilities at Oxfordshire, Cardiff, Suffolk, Leeds, and Staffordshire.

Appointed as lead designer on the EfW portfolio of projects, we work in collaboration with contractors to achieve solutions for our clients.

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We provide specialist solutions for defence and security applications to protect people and vital infrastructure assets, including the design, installation and project management of robust physical security measures to protect against incidents both accidental and deliberate.

We firmly believe that people have the fundamental right to attend their place of work, to gather in large numbers (to celebrate or worship), and to go about their daily lives knowing that governments and institutions have taken appropriate precautions to ensure their safety.

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Building upon our specialist expertise and delivery capabilities in transport, infrastructure and energy we are growing into the aviation sector.  With readily available transferable skills we are delivering initial design solutions into a safety critical environment within the highly regulated aviation sector.  Our experience of working within and maintaining business continuity is a key strength.  We also provide security products that help to protect the perimeter access and terminal building structure.



We have been working under a principal contractor’s licence since July 2009. Our business has benefitted hugely from having in-house expertise in design and construction, sharing knowledge of key issues, such as: Risk, BIM, Access and Possession Planning, Collaborative Working, hand-back and maintenance, buildability, supplier management, programme management, stakeholder identification and communication.


We have new projects coming in all the time, so if you’d like to be a part of our team then we’d love to hear from you. Please visit our career page  to see what openings we currently have.

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