Work on a new development to improve the look and feel of Leeds Railway Station is imminent with scaffolding now visible on the southern concourse.

The team at TSP Projects has designed a new transparent roof made from Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) which will be installed to improve passenger experience at one of the country’s busiest stations.

Network Rail’s Chairman Sir Peter Hendy, Route Managing Director Rob McIntosh and Sir Gary Verity officially announced the scheme earlier this autumn using our architectural drawings of the eye-catching design.

The spectacular new structure will replace the dark wooden roof that currently sits above the main southern concourse and will transform the station in time for the UCI Road World Championships.

Architects from TSP Project’s railway division are part of the scheme’s dedicated design team and have worked closely with our partners to ensure the project will be completed in under a year. This includes supplying the necessary architectural drawings to ‘fast-track’ the project with the submission of a full planning application. This will mean it is delivered in time to welcome the tens of thousands of spectators who will descend on the city for the UCI Road World Championships which take place in Yorkshire in 2019.

Jordan Gill, Principal Architect at TSP Projects, said: “Our team were tasked with coming up with a stunning design that met Network Rail’s specific needs for Leeds Station, and a transparent roof made from Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) fits the bill as it not only light-weight but has the durability to last as long as it is needed. Seeing the scaffolding in place is just the start of watching our vision come to life.”

Network Rail’s Route Managing Director, Rob McIntosh said: “The new roof will be a step change in the visual appearance at Leeds and is the first move towards giving Leeds a world class railway station befitting a city of its status.”

The installation of scaffolding towers in the South Concourse will continue until Christmas, when the removal of the existing roof will begin. The structures will support a crash deck below the existing roof. More updates on the project will follow, please follow TSP Projects on social media for further information.

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