Today marks the start of Rail Safety Week, an annual industry lead initiative dedicating a full seven days to discussing and highlighting key issues within the Rail sector, aiming to address, engage, promote, and bring rail safety to the forefront on people’s minds

Whether your career lies within the rail industry, or you use the railways for business or pleasure – rail safety affects all of us.

During Rail Safety Week, leading names in transportation come together to deliver a variety of events, from conferences to school assemblies, to shine a light on the vital importance of rail safety. Whether it be showing care and vigilance as a passenger or raising the standard in engineering and design, we can all do our bit to keep the rail network, and all who use it, safe.

This week, TSP Projects is joining in with a range of events across our four offices. Site safety manager Andy Scott will be discussing ‘What can we learn from recent rail incidents’ in a series of talks to stimulate discussion with the teams and our SHE & Compliance Manager Wendy Green will be discussing Close Calls.

Our offices will also have their safety savvy tested with daily quizzes, challenging our knowledge of key rail safety procedures. You can join in with our questions, and what are teams are doing each day during #RailSafetyWeek2017 over on Twitter.

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