In this interview, Farah Khoury shares her experience of being a STEM Ambassador while working as a Graduate Civil Engineer with our Infrastructure team. 

What was your journey into STEM? Were you encouraged into the STEM field by your teachers?

Owing to my father’s profession as a Civil Engineer, I grew up in an Engineering environment influenced by and attracted to the way engineers think, act and solve problems. I also had an interest in Maths and Science subjects at school.

What led you to becoming a STEM ambassador?

I want to inspire kids to become Engineers.

What’s one of the best things you’ve gained from being a STEM ambassador for TSP Projects?

Being a STEM ambassador raised my profile at TSP Projects, I got to know more people around the company. It improved my personal and communication skills, in addition to benefiting my Continual Professional Development. It is also a great opportunity to give something back to the community and my field.

You work a lot with schools and academies, what’s one of the challenges they face when trying to encourage kids into STEM?

Its might be surprising but a lot of the kids don’t know what engineering is or what engineers do, so we have to be careful with how we explain that to pass on the right image. Another thing would be that obviously not all students are interested in STEM subjects, so you don’t want to make students who have decided on other subjects to feel left out or not as good.

What are some fun things that schools do to encourage STEM among both male and female students?

Having Engineers from the industry come into schools and speak to the students about their journey, in addition to introducing some engineering related games or even a simplified real design scenario. One of the games I was involved in introducing to 5th grade students at Huntington School was a competition of building the tallest tower with building blocks in 3 seconds. The students showed a lot of excitement and enthusiasm during the game.

What are your future hopes for the STEM sector and your career in this field?

My future hope would be to get more female Engineers into this field.