In the second interview of this series we sat down with Emily-Rose Maule, an electrical apprentice/assistant technician in the M&E Plant team. Emily has worked on various Building Services projects during her apprenticeship at TSP Projects and has had experience of using CAD and Hevacomp design software to build a range of electrical drawings. Here, she shares her experience of being a STEM ambassador. 

What was your journey into STEM? Were you encouraged into the STEM field by your teachers?

I was always interested in science at school but I never thought I would go into engineering. I never knew that design engineering existed! After talking about my favourite subjects, my careers advisor suggested engineering to me which I then decided to look into. Having keen family members in the industry too, I became highly inquisitive about a career in this sector and suddenly interested to learn more.

What led you to becoming a STEM ambassador?

I wanted to become a STEM ambassador because as a young school girl I was unaware of what engineering actually was. I would like to encourage more children to choose engineering as a career and educate young boys and girls about what engineers really do (minimising stereotypes).

What’s one of the best things you’ve gained from being a STEM ambassador for TSP Projects?

It is a great opportunity to work with new people and engage with other STEM ambassadors in the county (particularly through external events). I have been able to help young children by sharing my own experiences with them and passing on desirable information.

You work a lot with schools and academies, what’s one of the challenges they face when trying to encourage kids into STEM?

Many girls are not interested at all. As soon as the words ‘Science’ or ‘Maths’ are used the girls are immediately put off and not interested in learning. It is very challenging trying to teach young people that there is more to a school subject than what they are being taught.

What are some fun things that schools do to encourage STEM among both male and female students?

  • STEM Days
  • Workshops
  • STEM After-school clubs
  • Demonstration Days
  • Science Days

What are your future hopes for the STEM sector and your career in this field?

I would like to continue working with young people alongside work to promote STEM subjects and encourage STEM careers.