Helping improve rail┬ásafety, viability and reliability in Delny, Scotland, TSP Projects’ dedicated level crossing team’s designs have been commissioned into use┬áby Network Rail Works Delivery (Scotland Route).

To convert the previous Automatic Open Crossing Locally Monitored (AOCL) system to an Automatic Barrier Crossing Local Monitored (ABCL), the team produced the Approved in Principle’ Ground Plan, ‘Approved for Construction’ Ground Plan, Design Log and associated Setting out Drawings.

ClearRoute information was also provided by the TSP Projects track team to ensure a smooth commissioning.

Close and clear communication with the Network Rail team has delivered improved safety benefits for the local Highland community, as well as the rail network. The addition of half barriers, new Road Traffic Light Signals, localised carriageway widening and revised white lining/highway signage has improved the visibility, security and reliability of this level crossing.

Thrilled with the successful commissioning, Gary Craig from Network Rail (Scotland Route) commented, “thank you for your support on this one…your team’s expertise is invaluable.