TSP Projects were engaged as Principal Contractor to carry out the GRIP 5-8 works for a 90 metre extension and modifications of Platform 1 at Hayes and Harlington Station. The site was particularly challenging as access had to be gained through the adjacent station car park. The station is on the busy Paddington to Reading line, with trains passing the site every ten minutes at 125mph and with very limited possessions available for installation work and multiple hazards and constraints due to buried services and environmental influences.

We designed using the ‘Single bay’ Modular Platform which was constructed on concrete ground beams bearing on small ‘hand held’ installed piles. This design allowed us to install the platform outside possessions and reduced noise disruption for the residents in an adjacent apartment block. A noise model and monitoring was carried out to ensure compliance.
To minimise the loss of parking at the station TSP leased a local warehouse unit where we stored all cabins, plant and materials; this also provided added security for the equipment. Furthermore; we coordinated closely with station staff to facilitate access through the station car park, and provided them with daily plans detailing deliveries to the site and across the tracks from the storage area during line blockages – they were fully informed of our operations and were able to plan their own work accordingly.

We were able to create a collaborative working culture that became crucial to the delivery of the project so that it was on time, to budget and to all stakeholders’ satisfaction with no incidents or complaints. 

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